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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know these bricks are authentic and original?

We have the chain of custody and Provenance for these brick pieces that will be provided to the auction winner. We thoroughly vet the sources of the items we promote and guarantee the authenticity based on this research. In the unlikely event that a mistake is ever made, we will refund your money and apologize if it can be proven that the art is not what we claimed it was.

How do I place a bid on the Spy Booth bricks and NFT?

To place a bid on the Banksy Spy Booth bricks and NFT, when the auction is live go to https://www.banksyspyboothnft.com and click on the Register button at the top of the page in the menu. Follow the prompts to register by providing your username, email, and checking the box that you agree to the auction terms. Hit Submit and you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your email address. Once your email is confirmed, you can place your bid on the Banksy Spy Booth bricks and NFT auction.

To read our complete Auction Terms and Conditions, please click here: Auction Terms and Conditions

If I am the winner, what are my payment options?

All bids will be placed in USD (United States Dollar). If you are the auction winner, you can submit payment in whichever manner and currency you choose to equal the winning bid price: ACH, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

If I am the auction winner, how will I receive the bricks and the NFT?

After the auction has ended and you are deemed the winner, we will be in contact to arrange payment. After payment has successfully been made, the bricks will be shipped to the winner in blast-proof secure cases with tracking and insurance.

For the NFT, if you don’t already have a digital wallet, you can create one at https://www.MetaMask.io. If you are the winner of the auction, we will send the NFT directly to your digital wallet address.