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Leland Sklar’s Digital Collectible Cards Pack


This is an exclusive collection of 90 collectible NFT digital cards based on my bestselling book, “Everybody Loves Me” sold in packs of 12!

Plus some packs also include an exclusive 13th card – a one-of-a-kind “Willy Wonka” token – that provides you access to unique items and experiences directly from me too! 

These items and experiences given at random include a complimentary copy of “Everybody Loves Me” signed by me, the opportunity to hang out with me on Zoom, a render of “Frankenstein” – my famous bass guitar, which you can have 3D printed and show off to your friends and family, signed prints, and more! 

You also will get access into a special VIP community where you can connect with other fans, show off the cards you have, trade cards with others, and of course, I will be there hanging out too! 

Everyone who pre-orders these packs will be entered in for a chance to win either a signed print of one of my paintings or a 30 minute 1-on-1 virtual hangout with me on Zoom! Your choice!

What are you waiting for?